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"Praised be You, my lord, through our sister, Mother Earth, who sustains and governs us, producing varied fruits with colored flowers and herbs."

~Francis of Assisi

Crafting your blend


Digestive issues, nausea ,colds, it's a immune booster, improves diabetes, reduces inflammation


prevents illness, helps heal bacterial infections, calms muscle spasms, soothes nervous system, improves sleep, promotes clear skin

Rose Buds

flushes toxins from body immune booster improves digestion and blood flow improves skin elasticities helps with menstrual cramps, reduces stress


blood pressure management, liver protection, lowers cholesterol, thirst quenching Can help with weight loss taste amazing

Lemon grass

cleansing and detoxifying, can reduce arthritis pain, anti microbial, anti oxidant


reduces pain and swelling of mucus membranes in respiratory track soothing for cough colds and flu, reduces inflammation of stomach lining, aids with ulcers urinary track infections also ulcerative colitis heartburn, kidney stones


boost immune system, anti oxidant, anti viral, anti bacterial immune modulator, helps regulate immune cell function


fever reducer, soothes nausea and stomach pain, opens airways appetite suppressant, stimulates the mind


immune booster, contains fiber for gut health, heart health, improves and prevents diabetes, reduces joint pain, slows aging of skin

rasberry leaf

amazing for women, uterine tonic, protects against cancer, improves circulation


immune booster, Anti-inflammatory, pain reliever, mental health, Fights infection Improves skin


promotes weight loss, supports digestion, fights diabetes, helps relieve stress promotes blood circulation, enhances immune system, supports brain health, relieves menstrual cramps, helps fight cancer, fights inflammation, supports men's health, fights common cold and chronic disease


helps reduce hunger, lowers blood pressure, aids in digestion, relieves pain, improve psoriasis


"As a tea lover, craft your own is great I can craft to support my gut health and still get the clean sustained energy I need throughout the day. I also love it.
Dana Hash
"Intermittent fasting is an ancient weight loss technique I’ve suggested to thousands of client. It works, but some find it difficult. With craft your own it makes fasting easier. I suggest cinnamon, ginger and peppermint. Burns!!!
Brian Phillips